Drum roll please...

The new program is called --

(Deep breath)

The Zero Point

The subtitle is --

How to Enter the Realm of Limitless Possibilities


This program builds on everything I've ever revealed before, yet goes beyond it to help you achieve and attract miracles so big (and so quickly and easily) that they will surprise even you.

It sure surprised ME.

I was there in the studio when I got out of the way and allowed inspiration to guide me.

The results are stunning.

The program reveals everything you need to lead a life of awe and wonder.

It also reveals something never explained before:

The Law of Zero.

That alone will change your life forever.

But I also explain the three levels of mind, and so much more.

I promise you one of the most uplifting, mind stretching, heart opening, and unforgettable audio experiences of your entire life.

Trust me and go take a look.

In this extraordinary brand new, leading edge, breakthrough audio program, you'll discover:

  • Advanced clearing techniques that will erase ALL of your limitations (even those that seem, on the surface, to be good)
  • The secret to getting an even better version of what you want
  • The little known level of consciousness you need to be clearing at
  • The "tell" that lets you know you're in the flow of pure inspiration
  • The *real* source of every problem
  • The incredible clearing tool right in your own kitchen
  • How to put your clearing on autopilot while you sleep
  • Specific techniques to receive inspiration on your relationships, career, business, and health
  • How to go beyond the limits of popular clearing methods like ho'oponopono
  • New stories, processes, and meditations to help you move to the next level
  • And so much MORE




This can be the turning point of your entire life.

Give it a chance.

Please go see --



Dr. Joe Vitale
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