Bestselling author and your spiritual guide on this journey to a place of magic and miracles, Dr. Joe Vitale reveals advanced manifestation secrets of this controversial Hawaiian system for health, wealth, happiness and peace …

Harvest this Vast Untapped Reservoir of Magic and Miracles to Experience a Life of Limitless Possibilities, Endless Opportunity and Unparalleled Success – Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – GUARANTEED!

Your highest potential … your most outrageous desires … your astounding health, wealth, happiness and success await at this mysterious place of abundance and miracles. Move to the Zero Point!


Deeper than the Law of Attraction, way beyond the Law of Creation; discover the surprising secrets of the Law of Zero to …

  • Truly enjoy your life without limits; go beyond what you think you desire to even greater achievement beyond your current comprehension.
  • Blast away obstacles in your path; erase your limiting negative beliefs with these never before revealed advanced clearing and cleaning techniques.
  • Reveal the true source of every problem holding you back and how to move beyond them to the Zero Point, to attract magic and miracles.
  • Plus - Supercharge your health, wealth, business, career and finances for unparalleled success at The Zero Point!
  • All this and so much more …


"… real miracles come when you let go of the toys and trust in a place inside yourself where there are zero limits."

--- Joe Vitale, Zero Limits, The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace & More


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Fellow Seeker,

What if I told you there was a secret place of limitless possibilities, endless opportunity and unparalleled potential? A place of magic, mystery and miracles - where anything you desire is yours!


  • Possess the wealth of kings …
  • Enjoy the best health of your life …
  • Experience unrivaled success in your career or business …
  • You can have, do or be anything you desire … and believe it or not, you can have even MORE!

In the next few moments you'll discover how to tap into an enchanted realm where anything and everything is possible. Receive raw unfiltered truth from a divine source of wisdom and knowledge – whispering into your inner ear the right thing to do, the right move to make, the absolute best path to take to achieve your wildest dreams!

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

--- MGM's 1939 Film, The Wizard of Oz

When Dorothy's little dog Toto pulled the curtain back on the "great and powerful" Oz, he revealed there was just a little man seated at the controls of an impressive gadget-filled contraption.

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The True Secret of the Wizard …

The film reveals the all-powerful Wizard is an illusion of smoke and mirrors, fancy lights – and a booming voice. All show, but no depth, a deception – a humbug. And many end their analysis right there. They've witnessed the little man behind the scenes, pulling the strings, working the levers and pushing the buttons.

They quickly conclude, "nothing more to see here."

They're wrong.

The Wizard is acting out the role of what some would call the observer, the witness - the man behind the curtain. His large boisterous pronouncements are an illusion. They are NOT who he is. He is quietly observing the process behind the scenes. Much the same way that YOU observe the unfolding of your life behind the scenes.

Ever wonder what's holding you back?

You've heard that thoughts are things – and that you are a product of your thinking, right? But do you realize that like the man behind the curtain, you too are only an observer of your thoughts?

You are NOT your thoughts; they are separate – streaming endlessly across a movie screen in your head. Yet, you are allowing them to lead you around like (forgive me Toto) a dog on a leash!

It's time you discover where these thoughts originate so you can harvest only the most positive, highest and best.

Imagine you're standing before two big doors.

Each has a single word emblazoned across the front. One door displays the word "Memory" and the other, "Inspiration."

Behind these mental doors is the source of your thoughts. Only one delivers your most inspired ideas and insights.

Yet, be honest, which door do you reach to open most often?

And you're doing it over-and-over every moment of every day – including this one. As long as you remain stuck in memory you'll struggle more for fewer rewards. You might even give up and settle for less.

Wouldn't you rather get better and better, and richer and richer?

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At the end of the day, the Wizard was not a humbug. Remember, he gave the Tin Man the gift of love and emotion in the form of a toy heart. He gave the Cowardly Lion the gift of courage – and the Scarecrow received the gift of knowledge, or a brain.

Were these gifts within the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow all along? Maybe – but it took the Wizard to bring them out.

Now, the most important question of all: Where did the Wizard GET these wonderful gifts?

They certainly didn't come from memory; it was leaning on their experiences and past histories that kept these characters MIRED in their delusion.

No – these gifts could ONLY come from a place of inspiration. That's what this course is all about; helping you receive your best gifts – anything you desire – from a place of magic and miracles.

Unleash the Wizard!

Your life of limitless possibilities is directly in front of you – or more accurately, within you - and I'll show you how to get there. It's at the place of the Zero Point!

I'm Dr. Joe Vitale; you may know me from the hit movie The Secret, the bestselling book Zero Limits, my award winning healing music and singer/songwriter CDs, or my work on the Law of Attraction. I've been called, "the approachable guru." You don't need to take your shoes off in my presence.

I prefer to call myself a "practical metaphysician."

And today, I'm offering to guide you beyond the Law of Attraction … beyond the Law of Creation … to the Law of Zero!

Where is this mysterious Zero Point?

The Zero Point is a place beneath your three levels of consciousness where everything good beyond your wildest dreams can be yours.

Really, beyond your wildest dreams!

Strap in: I've never taken you this deep before.

This is an advanced course on manifesting beyond your desires and attracting magic and miracles in your life.

CAUTION: If you're not ready to have your consciousness stretched to new dimensions – proceed no further.

It's not for everybody.

It may not even be for you. I need to be brutally honest. If you're not ready to expand your understanding of the laws of metaphysics to a whole new level of the miraculous, then you may as well stop reading now.

But if you want practical, workable, everyday techniques that align you with this miraculous place of manifestation – delivering limitless possibilities and endless opportunity … read on

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Soon you'll possess the secret of awakening to your unlimited power!

I owe my success to this process. I live it every day. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first discovered and unleashed the miracle-giving power of the Zero Point in my life.

I'm delighted to be even a small part of the magical journey of enlightenment ahead of you.

Allow me to introduce you to my advanced course on achieving the Zero Point and all the rewards it delivers through the modern version of the controversial Hawaiian system for health, wealth, happiness and peace; Ho'oponopono.

You may have heard me speak on this life-changing clearing technique. You may even be familiar with the four phrases of Ho'oponopono – but believe me, before now I've only scratched the surface. There's so much more.

It's as if … everything before has been a prelude

to this magnificent awakening.

Only now, have I decided to release the FULL SECRET - after years of impressive results, both mine and a few close friends … it's time to share my full discovery with you!

This is the real work. Here are little known insights behind this amazing technique to transform your life in ways the Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation cannot begin to approach.

It's a means to a fabulous end – and the end is absolute freedom at the Zero Point!

Once achieved, obstacles in your path melt away like butter on a hot pan. The spoils of the universe are there for the taking. The riches of the world are yours for the asking. And the success in life you've always desired is within your grasp – and so very much more!

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Here are a few of the mind-blowing secrets

you'll discover along this journey:

  • How you can quickly and easily enter the magical realm of limitless possibilities.
  • What is this single point of unlimited power beyond the Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation?
  • What is the true source of this virtually unknown, untapped reserve of magic and miracles for your business, career, health, wealth and finances?
  • Simple tricks and practical everyday techniques you can use to manifest miracles, awakening you to your unlimited power.
  • What's the fascinating truth about the difference between the traditional and modern version of this devastatingly effective Hawaiian secret of manifestation?
  • Know the four phrases? Then you already know the secret of Ho'oponopono, right? Wrong! This is advanced level teaching transforming you at the core level - you'll never be the same!
  • WARNING: How could this beloved technique be a magnet for EVIL? Don't even think of starting without this knowledge to protect yourself from the sinister forces lurking in the background of YOUR LIFE!
  • Ever wanted to visit Russia? You may change your mind once you hear about my whirlwind adventure of beat the clock – but stick around, there's a powerful lesson about the effectiveness of Ho'oponopono revealed.
  • Ask Yourself: Why does the proverbial "doo-doo" hit the fan? (Sorry for that). And more importantly, what'll you do next?
  • What's the secret power behind Morrnah's prayer - and how can you use it to blast away obstacles like clay pigeons with a shotgun?
  • CAUTION: What's the real truth about these "invisible links" keeping you from attaining your highest and best?

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  • METAPHOR ALERT: How can you spin the dial on a combination lock of linguistics, opening your heart to magic and miracles?
  • Why do we have limits, even an innocent child, even you, even me – where do they come from and how do we move past them to the Zero Point?
  • Four steps to erasing limiting beliefs and deceptive brain messages; don't allow them to hold you back – vanquish them with these 4 R's.
  • Memory or Inspiration… only one leads to the Zero Point where limitless possibilities and endless opportunity await. Caution: You make this decision every waking moment of every day – be sure it's the right one!
  • File this under, I thought I knew that: Thoughts become things, right? GUESS AGAIN! It's something else – and in this advanced teaching you'll discover the secret!
  • PLUS: Why your goals, intentions and what you think about your highest potential is holding you back.
  • What is the secret mirror technique and how to use it for immediate transformation. I "received" this terrifyingly fast-acting technique on the spot - under the hot lights of the camera!
  • How to recognize and eliminate this special type of intention that may be the reason your goals haven't all been met!
  • What are the three levels of mind – and how do they impact your progress toward this miraculous place beneath all three?
  • What are four stages of awakening – and how can you tell which stage you're currently in, and what's the secret of moving through them to the next level?
  • Why focusing on the desired outcome of your goals is a BAD THING! Plus – where should you be looking?

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  • EYE OPENER ALERT: What's the reason that most people, maybe even you, start something, but never get it off the ground – and how you can safeguard from making this mistake.
  • What's the single best kind of intention that's more powerful than any other, and where does it come from?
  • PRACTICAL SECRET REVEALED: How this 7-second breathing technique transports you to the Zero Point – FAST.
  • HUMANITARIAN ALERT: Surprising secret of how to use advanced clearing techniques to transform the world for good!
  • These four steps powerfully erase problems in your life like a chalkboard eraser; what are they and how do they work?
  • DON'T MISS THIS: If you take nothing else away from this program, what's the one overarching secret you MUST internalize?
  • What's this clever and simple technique for infusing more power into every prayer you release?
  • Receiving this, guides you to your next miracle – are you ready?
  • What's the entertaining fun story and life-lesson behind the "5th Miracle?"
  • SECRET SOCIETY ALERT: Want to be a part of a covert silent movement to change the world for the better – discover the four secrets to being a Ninja for good!
  • Finally, remind yourself to do "this" every day – and merge with the Zero Point to attract magic and miracles in your life.
  • All this and so very much more!

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These incredible benefits are yours when you get your copy of my most magical and insightful program from the world's greatest publisher of personal development materials, Nightingale-Conant: The Zero Point.

My most inspired teaching to date on

attracting and manifesting.

The Zero Point is your advanced course on the modern version of the mysterious Hawaiian healing, clearing, and manifesting technique, Ho'oponopono.

When you Order Today -You Get ...

6 audio CDs of inspired instruction, guiding you into the enchanted realm of limitless possibilities, one bonus CD containing a powerful meditation of clearing and healing for relaxation and sleep - and an incredible interactive Workbook on CD-ROM to crystalize, and internalize this high-level course so you can begin immediately using these miraculous techniques to achieve abundance, good health and outrageous success.

Simply pop these CDs into your player, sit back in your easy chair, break out a bottle of "blue solar water" (you'll find out) relax and experience this powerful course of abundant living.

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Here's a sneak-peek of just some of what's in store for you on each magical CD from The Zero Point:

Disc One – The Miracle of Authentic Ho'oponopono

Discover the enchanted realm of magic and miracles and be transported to a miracle in a most unlikely place. Plus, hold your breath while I count down to midnight, sharing my harrowing and consciousness expanding adventure in Russia.

Enjoy the story behind the history of the revolutionary and controversial technique of Ho'oponopono. And from the perspective of the Keeper of Secrets - claim this cleansing prayer and travel to the point of power.

All this – and so much more!

Disc Two – Applying the Law of Zero

Begin to awaken to your limitless possibilities. Use these four powerful steps to overcome deceptive brain messages and limiting beliefs to approach your true potential. Go deeper than ever before.

Unleash the power of expectations to achieve more. Begin to align yourself with divinity for even greater success. And be inspired by the story of my mom's miracle.

Activate the power of the secret mirror to arouse your greatest potential. And begin living at the Zero Point!

And so much more …

Disc Three – Going to the Deeper Levels of Ho'oponopono

Ready to go beyond manifestation? How about down past three levels of consciousness? Here are practical tips for entering the realm of the Zero Point. Use them right away to achieve successes you never would've imagined possible before – like me and my musical journey!

Groove on the catchy Ho'oponopono song, Got a Problem – and learn the nuanced differences between the Law of Attraction, the Law of Creation and the miracle-giving Law of Zero.

Once you get the Law of Zero – here's how to release its therapeutic healing power in your health and relationships. Plus, you'll discover a meditative clearing technique called Seven Second Breathing!

… yes, there's much more!

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Disc Four – Advanced Zero Clearing and Cleaning Methods

Beginning with powerful methods to clear and clean negativity and limitations, flushing these destructive beliefs from your life. Then, get inspired by the Hulk, Lou Ferrigno and his challenge to me, and I bet, you too.

Want more money? Learn a devastatingly effective technique to remove limitations surrounding your finances. Plus, get five more advanced cleaning and clearing methods for even greater success – and discover some unique and clever cleaning "tools."

Don't let criticism get you down – it stings, I know, but here's a powerful cleaning/clearing technique to erase it from your consciousness. Finally, apply the Law of Zero to your business, career and financial health!

There's much more, keep reading …

Disc Five – Living from the Zero Point

Merging with the Zero Point – you can do it. Got sore feet? This lesson from my painful foot healing may be just what the good doctor ordered. Plus, learn THE single most important thing – you mustn't miss this!

I've got a fun, inspiring story for you about my adventure to create what I call the 5th miracle. There's a big take-away in there that I'll let you discover on your own.

Finally, there's no fear at the Zero Point – and I invite you to join a covert global movement to be a ninja for good!

Only scratching the surface … there's much more!

Disc Six – Clearing and Cleaning Exercises for a Zero Point Life without Limits

Your final destination along this journey to the realm of limitless possibilities:

  • Traveling with Morrnah to The Zero Point
  • An exercise to merge with The Zero Point
  • Meeting your inner child
  • Kunzite – an inspiring instrumental for meditation


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These brief descriptions don't do justice to the insight, power and magic waiting for you within this amazing program of self-discovery about the realm of limitless possibilities I call The Zero Point.

You can possess every one of these secrets – PLUS – the bonus meditation CD and the Interactive Workbook on CD-ROM for the remarkably low investment in your miraculous journey for only $99.

That's it … not one penny more!

Even if you paid $5000 for a mastermind ride in my Rolls Royce Phantom – I couldn't begin to deliver the wealth of knowledge you'll receive within this magical program!

And it's 50-times cheaper!

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Don't miss it – this may be the one chance you have to kick-start your life in the direction of power and abundance. This may be the one opportunity you've been waiting for to break free of every limitation and obstacle blocking you from receiving the highest blessings in your health, wealth, career, business and finances. Don't let it pass you by over a measly hundred bucks.

You're 100% fully Protected!

Besides – I won't ask you to commit now anyway. Don't worry, there's plenty of time for that, I only ask that you decide today to take back the reins of your life and start experiencing the joy and abundance of living at the Zero Point!

Go ahead, put me to the test – take a full 60-days to decide if you'll even keep my program, The Zero Point. If for any reason – and you don't even have to tell me what that reason is – you're not thoroughly satisfied, thrilled even, send it back for a complete and prompt refund. No questions asked!

Just give it a chance to change your beliefs,

your circumstances, and your life.

I'll accept all the risk – you can't UNLEARN what you discover in my program – so if you decide it's not for you – send it back. You still get the benefit of having walked through the course gaining the insights I reveal for the first time anywhere – in any program!

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So what do you say …

As I see it, you really only have two choices …

Ahead of you there are two diverging paths. Down one path you may as well bury your head in the sand – forget about the advances revealed earlier and continue along the same path you've always trod. This path, as you now know is filled with landmines and stumbling blocks to your success. This is the path of least resistance, the one further from the Zero Point.

Who knows, you might get lucky. You might be able to avoid the obstacles that stop so many dead in their tracks!

Maybe you'll be the one through sheer force of will to move beyond the limitations, fears and bad programming in your life – indeed in the world – and onto your deserved reward despite the challenges in your path.

Maybe not …

Or maybe you'll decide to take the path that leads to unlocking the secret knowledge of the Zero Point. Become a Keeper of the Secrets and you too will enter the realm of limitless possibilities and endless opportunities.

One by one the doors of opportunity are blown off their hinges revealing wealth, abundance and prosperity beyond your imagination. If you choose this path, be prepared to receive:

  • The astonishing secret of achieving beyond your desires, unimaginably better than anything you could ever ask for yourself.
  • Advanced, master level techniques for erasing all limitations, self-imposed, inherited or otherwise.
  • Insight into the little known level of consciousness you need to master to unleash magic and miracles.
  • The hard truth about the source of every problem in your life and how to make them vanish like a rabbit in a magician's hat.
  • How to put the entire process on autopilot – getting you closer to the Zero Point - while you sleep.
  • Andhow to receive from the Zero Point, inspiration for taking your health, business, career and finances to unbelievable levels of success …

And so very much more!


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Seems like not much of a decision for you, doesn't it?

Go ahead, CLICK HERE to fill out the FAST ACTION response form. I'll do the rest.

Don't put this off another minute. Every second you waste is putting that much more distance between you and the realm of limitless possibilities at The Zero Point. Get your credit card out now, and PUNCH the big ORDER NOW button – complete the form below and quick as a wink I'll have your very own copy of The Zero Point shipped to your doorstep so you can begin your journey to the land of magic and miracles.

Remember, the "man behind the curtain" was always ultimately in control – and so are you. Be the Wizard of your life. Get this amazing program today, right now while it's fresh on your mind.

Order now, what're you waiting for?



PS: Remember, at the Zero Point is a place of magic and miracles and I'd like to be your guide on this journey of your awakening to unlimited power. Imagine a life of limitless possibilities and endless opportunities open to you in unimaginable ways. You're closer than you think and the rewards are greater than you can conceive. GET YOUR COPY of my advanced teaching on the miracle-giving secret Hawaiian technique of Ho'oponopono.

You get 6 inspired-filled CDs containing insights NEVER BEFORE revealed – anywhere! Plus, I'll tuck in a bonus CD of relaxing meditative clearing audio you can put on before bed to help you attain the Zero Point while you sleep – and I'll give you an interactive Workbook on CD-ROM to help internalize the entire process. Don't miss this, order yours today!

PPS: Delivering a place of limitless possibilities and unparalleled success in whatever you choose to have, do or be, is a tall order, and I don't blame you for being skeptical. But before you discount this program as another take on the Law of Attraction (it's not by the way, it goes much deeper), you've got to ask one question:

"What if Joe is right?"

What if you really could harness the advanced techniques of a secret so profound that it could deliver riches far beyond your desires? A secret so powerful, by wielding it you could help transform the world for good – and a teaching so advanced it'll take your understanding of manifesting, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation to unknown levels of mastery?

If this were so … wouldn't you give it a try? There's no obligation to keep anything, you have a full 60 days to return the program, no questions asked, so what're you waiting for? Get in now … get your copy of The Zero Point and begin attracting magic and miracles into your life today!

Order now.

Dr. Joe Vitale's

The Zero Point

YES Joe! I want to know the secret of living in the realm of limitless possibilities and endless opportunity at the Zero Point – a place of magic and miracles!

I want to start right away – I don't want to waste another second of struggling through life with less than satisfying results – I want to attract magic and miracles in my life – and I want it now!

Here's my one-time payment of $99 – please RUSH my very own copy of your most advanced magical teaching, The Zero Point on 6 audio CDs.

I also understand I'll receive a bonus meditation CD for relaxation and sleep – and I'll also get a valuable interactive Workbook on CD to help internalize this powerful course.

I must be positively thrilled with my purchase of The Zero Point, or I can request my money back – no questions asked – within a full 60 daysfor a complete and prompt refund!

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Dr. Joe Vitale
Member BBB 2003-

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